Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So we did the big thanksgiving etc. Boy it's a lot of work, but so nice to have family around. My son Andy and his two kids, a friend and his daughter came for a few days. We enjoyed having two more grandchildren around, but wished we could have spent more time with them and that all the grand kids could have spent more time together. But you get what you get right. We went to see the dog movie, Blast? Can't remember it now. It is a really cute movie. We took up half the back row, then two people we didn't know with their little children sat down in my son's & friends seats. We were wondering where they were and thought they were in the hall texting, seems that was all they did most of the time. Well they came to find their seats and found those people sitting there, so went and sat somewhere else. We didn't see them come. It was funny, but a little irritating. Then the kids went shooting, girls and all on Sat. they really had fun with that.

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