Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shortest RS in History you think

Well, quilting buddies who know all my trials, I can claim the status of the shortest RS Pres as far as I know. 3 months. I asked to be released 2 weeks ago because I couldn't go on with the current circumstances. He finally gave me his answer that they were going to start with a whole new set. So I'm back to planning on doing that mission. How do I feel, sad, hurt, angry, relieved. My colitus began to flare last night and I had to give the Pres message today and didn't think I could do it. After a ton of imodium it settled down and I was able to do it. Hope to see you all thurs, Kaisa is having surgery on thurs so I may be watching kids. If I can get terry to take a turn, I'll come for a short time. Miss everyone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun

Well I'm sure you can believe I didn't take a single picture for Christmas. We have had snow, snow, snow! I need to get a picture of Terry out plowing everyones driveway. After the last couple big storms he has spent half the day plowing. I went out one day and snowblowed(?) the sidewalks and helped a few people but my thumb got cold after a couple hours. I'm a whimp huh!

We have loved the snow so far. This week we have gone to the movies with two different sets of friends and on Christmas day saw Valkyre with son Greg. Had nice Christmas Eve with Jasons, Kaisa and Grandkids. Funny story: The kids get PJs for Christmas eve and Matthew wouldn't eat his dinner so they told him he couldn't open his PJs unless he ate. Well he finally got mad and pointed his finger at his dad and said "You're WRONG DAD and I'M RIGHT! It was so cute.....

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I thought I might share a few quilts now that I've figured out how to use camera and upload pictures. Here's a Christmas quilt that will be given to our past Relief Society President for all her efforts and work in Relief Society. The other is my Dear Jane in progress, at least another year in the making, but my goal is to finish it by quilt fest 2009.


Here's Jamie & Hannah & Spencer, having fun and saying goodbye. I think they had fun renewing their counsinship at Thanksgiving.

Andy & kids

This is Andy and his two kids at Thanksgiving.

Fun at Uncle Gregs


So we did the big thanksgiving etc. Boy it's a lot of work, but so nice to have family around. My son Andy and his two kids, a friend and his daughter came for a few days. We enjoyed having two more grandchildren around, but wished we could have spent more time with them and that all the grand kids could have spent more time together. But you get what you get right. We went to see the dog movie, Blast? Can't remember it now. It is a really cute movie. We took up half the back row, then two people we didn't know with their little children sat down in my son's & friends seats. We were wondering where they were and thought they were in the hall texting, seems that was all they did most of the time. Well they came to find their seats and found those people sitting there, so went and sat somewhere else. We didn't see them come. It was funny, but a little irritating. Then the kids went shooting, girls and all on Sat. they really had fun with that.