Friday, July 18, 2008

Tryng Again

Well, after many trys and figuring out which email addr to log in with I'm just adding a post to learn. The quilt auction went really well considering the economy. The support form the Bee's was a little lacking, but I think there may be too many pulls on them for different projects. We have had company off and on for the past few weeks so haven't gotten anything done except clean my quilt room. Still can't find my camera so I can take some pictures. Entered the Springville Quilt show with my miniature, not holding too big of hopes.

Don't know how all feel, but I seem to have no desire to do much these days except lay around. Maybe it's the heat, but then in the winter it's too cold. Hope I'm not just slowing down. I'm going to try out my new quilting machine this next week if it kills me. So wish me luck that it works.