Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm stressed

Ok, I had a training meeting with the Stake RS Pres & counselors and mine, I spent all day from 9-6 at somebodies meeting yesterday and I'm feeling like I'm not sure who I am and where I am at. Seems like I have way too much on my plate and I'm thinking everyone is right, I'm going to have to cut some things out. Don't want it to be quilting, but guess I'll just have to pick what I can based on each week. Hope as I learn more it smooths out a little. I know I'm worrying way too much about sisters that are sick or having problems. But guess that goes with the job HUH!

On the bright side I almost have the top for the Utah State donation to Holiday quilt show pieced together. Just have to figure out some borders. It is pretty. Thanks for everyones support.

Also, BUMMeR THAT Quik Quilts is closing I will sure miss them. But their life goes on too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

new calling

ok, the last post should be labeled cruise. This is about my new calling. I've been called as Relief Society President in my ward. I got the call the day after we got home from our cruise. I'm sure glad it wasn't before. After the first couple weeks things settled down a bit, but now I've got lots of new assignments so anticipate being a lot busier. I wondered why me. My feeling is that I have experienced a lot of trials in the last 30 years and that I may have something to offer the sisters in these trying times we are heading into. I did a food order for a family that was blending two families and was able to sympathize because I've been there. It helped them to know I understood the challenges of ex-spouse problems, etc. So I'm still quilting and that was a concern of th sisters in my ward that are in our little church group. But we are going strong and they are making cute christmas table runners. I have decided that I would have to cut down some on my quilting, so have narrowed my quilting down to my absolute responsibilities. Then if I have time for something else, I'll be happy.

Well that kind of brings me up to date. I appreciate all my quilting friends who have been so supportive of me and have confidence that I can do this. Thanks you guys are great.

New Calling

Ok, it's been a while and my friends figure I'll never post again, so thought I'd better take some to to update my site.

My husband and I went on a cruise to the Baltic with Cruise Lady. It was a very wonderful experience. I have always wanted to go to Copenhagen because my ancestors are from
Denmark. So that was where the cruise started from. We were
fortunate enough to go first class, we used all our miles we have
been saving for years and boy were we glad. It was such a long
flight and the seats actually recline almost to sleeping and we got
so many meals we ended up skipping some of them. This picture is
Terry standing in front of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Now if you go to Denmark, take lots of money for food,
etc or your own food. We paid about 15-20 for a
hamburger in McDonalds and you have to pay 25 cents
for ketchup packs every where in europe, and that's each.
No refills either. This picture is looking
from the ship over copenhagen.

Next we went to Sweden, because it was our first stop, I don't remember much about it. Everything was green in all the scandinavian countries.

This is the place in Sweden where
the Nobel gifts are given. The
Nobel Peach Price is given in Norway.

Back on the ship and on to Finland. Finland is very rocky, and as we go north, it is starting to get colder. There are tons of waterways and lakes in all of the scandinavian countries. Here we are looking at the older part of Oslo.

After Finland we go to Russia for two days St. Petersburg. We had lunch with a family, that was very fun, it consisted of the mother a ballet dancer who now taught dancing to young dancers, the daughter who was going to Paris to study and the Grandmother who was celebrating her 85 birthday. We were served borshe first, which was just a very good cabbage and vegetable soup, followed by a rolled chicken, rice, vegetables and bread. Then for dessert was what they call apple pie, but was really a cake with apples in it. Food was very good, but we couldn't eat it all and the Grandmother who had been through the war and gone without food was not too happy we couldn't clean our plates.
A new perscpective. Russia was interesting and I will put more pictures when I figure out a better way to get them where I want them. It doesn't seem that the country has changed much from communism. The people all live in very small apartments which line the streets. Many buildings are not maintained. The people don't get up early and go to work, they go when they want to, work for a while then go drinking and then come home to sleep. The streets at 10 am where almost empty. No work ethic and probably no incentive to better themselves.

The guide was fairly open, but very careful about whqat she said. She did tell us during Kruschef's time if they said anything negative their family would lose their house, job and they would have no place to go. So it was bad then, but they miss all the free stuff they got too. Guess they don't realize nothing is free. It is either paid up front or through their taxes.

Well I will write more about our trips later.