Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shortest RS in History you think

Well, quilting buddies who know all my trials, I can claim the status of the shortest RS Pres as far as I know. 3 months. I asked to be released 2 weeks ago because I couldn't go on with the current circumstances. He finally gave me his answer that they were going to start with a whole new set. So I'm back to planning on doing that mission. How do I feel, sad, hurt, angry, relieved. My colitus began to flare last night and I had to give the Pres message today and didn't think I could do it. After a ton of imodium it settled down and I was able to do it. Hope to see you all thurs, Kaisa is having surgery on thurs so I may be watching kids. If I can get terry to take a turn, I'll come for a short time. Miss everyone.