Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hey, I'm blogging

Well I've wondered if I could do this blogging thing. So I guess I'll give it a try. Mainly for my quilting and maybe to express my thoughts. But this is a start. I'm a 59 year old mother of 2, step mother of 3 and wife, grandma to 7, aunt and hopefully a friend to many. I was born in Salt Lake City and moved to the Bay Area, Calif. when I was 8. I grew up there, went to BYU and married a CA guy so moved back. Was divorced after 15 very difficult years. Remarried a great guy and have been married 20 years this Nov. We are going on a Cruise of the Baltic in September and I am excited to go to my roots, Denmark for one of our stops. I love to quilt and I guess I'm addicted to it and fabric. My anxiety is I won't ever get everything I've started finished, so that is my goal right now, not to start any new projects. Of course, that lasted about 1 week. So I'll keep working on that to alleviate some of the stress I feel with so much hanging around!!!